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Protect your health with our screening tests and diagnostic exams offered in our comfortable, private office; and with portable diagnostic ultrasound exams in the privacy of your home!

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Mobile Health Screening & Diagnostic

Mobile Health Screening and Diagnostic provides low-cost alternatives for two types of service:

1. Patient-selected Screening Exams that you request from us without a doctor's order. These may help you avoid a stroke, heart attack, abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture, leg or foot amputation, or a painful, disabling bone fracture.  Screening Exams may give peace of mind or a much-needed early warning before you have any symptoms. People over age 50 or those who are younger but know they have a family history of one of these problems may benefit from this service.  Dr. Karoll reviews your screening results with you in a personal consultation when screening is complete to show you the images, discuss how the results relate to your personal situation and what steps you can take to stay healthy!  The consultation alone is worth far more than the exam price.

2. Doctor-ordered Diagnostic Exams using safe, accurate ultrasound for many medical conditions from thyroid, breast or other lumps to gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, to problems with liver or pancreas, to evaluation for clots in the deep veins of the legs (and many other conditions).

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1. Available year-round in our local office: accurate, private, non-invasive Wellness Screening Exams that you schedule and pay for yourself- NO doctor's order is necessary for these screening exams, but if this is something new to you then please ask your doctor if screening is appropriate for you.  Dr. Karoll is also happy to discuss appropriateness with you at no charge- to do so please call (217) 222-8874.  These exams can help detect life-threatening illnesses such as atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries) which can lead to stroke and peripheral artery disease; we also screen for aortic aneurysm, irregular heartbeats, and osteoporosis.  These inexpensive exams are painless with NO needles or blood, and you don't even have to fully undress. In most cases, written results are ready for you before you leave our office on the day of your exams, accompanied by a personal consultation with Dr. Karoll. You may choose to keep the results entirely private or share them with your primary care physician and other health care providers. Dr. Karoll also reviews warning signs of stroke and heart attack with you.

2. We use state-of-the-art portable diagnostic equipment, so when your doctor orders an ultrasound exam you now have an alternative- you can have your Diagnostic Examinations in our comfortable, private office away from the hustle and bustle. Or if transportation is a major issue for you then we can bring our ultrasound equipment to your house, nursing home or other location for a Portable Diagnostic Ultrasound Examination. Unlike Screening Exams, the results of Diagnostic Exams go first to the provider who ordered them and then it is their responsibility to explain results to you. Our private Diagnostic Ultrasound Exams are a new service in this area, and therefore your doctor may not yet be aware that we are offering private office exams and portable ultrasound house calls, so let him or her know that you'd like your exam scheduled with Dr. Karoll's office (217) 222-8874. MobileHSD is a participating Medicare provider of Diagnostic Examinations, and Medicare patients are welcome!


Monty Karoll, MD is a Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist with 25 years of local experience in central western Illinois (Quincy, Carthage, Rushville and Pittsfield). He and his staff of friendly experts are pleased to help you achieve your health goals. Please call for more information and scheduling: (217) 222-8874




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Dr. Karoll's Mobile Health 

Your safe, high-tech, LOCAL, expert and YEAR-ROUND provider of stroke screening.   With kind, caring professionals you can talk to.

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February is Heart Month

Do your HEART some good with screening from       Mobile Health.   
It's not too late to prevent a heart attack or stroke.        
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Now is a good time to use your gift certificate from the Health and Wellness 2015 EXPO

that happened on Saturday January 10, 2015 10am-4pm
Oakley Lindsay Center, Quincy, IL
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Mobile Health is in Suite 107 on the main floor at the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center-


639 York Street, Quincy, IL 62301.


Stop in, say hello and make your screening appointment.

Get a free blood pressure check- it's easier than ever!


 Peace of mind: 217-222-8874.  It's time.


 We are here at your convenience, but your heart attack or stroke could come at any time so don't delay,call today!  


We are your LOCAL, YEAR-ROUND provider of stroke screening. Visit us in our office at the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center, 639 York, Suite 107


Free Blood Pressure Screening and Wellness Screening Info at the office.  Call for appointment: 217-222-8874.

 Unsure if screening is right for you? Call 217-222-8874 to speak to Dr. Karoll or ask your own doctor.  Our goal at Mobile Health is to help everyone enjoy healthier living and AVOID a stroke; heart attack; abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture; limb pains or amputation from peripheral artery disease; disability and fracture from osteoporosis.


Recent Events:

Employee Health Fair at Good Samaritan Home

Wednesday October 22 and Thursday October 23, 2014. 




Need a speaker for your group meeting?

Dr. Karoll enjoys speaking about Health & Wellness or other medical topics from the perspective of a physician in practice for over 25 years.  Call 217-222-8874.



Get screened for goodness sake!Call to arrange a Wellness Screening Event at your church 217-222-8874

Don't miss an opportunity to get your Screening Exam and support the good works of your church. 10% of screening proceeds will be donated to the church if each of 12 or more people purchase at least one exam at the church. Appointments are limited, so CALL Today! 



Wellness Screening Info and FREE blood pressure checks available by appointment  217-222-8874:

Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center 

1st floor Suite 107


Each weekday at 639 York Street. 

While you're here, schedule YOUR appointment for low-cost Wellness Screening.

Testing is accurate, private, convenient and painless and no doctor's order is needed for Screening Exams.



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